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TWICE Is Getting With The Times

Welcome to TWICE’s newly designed Web site. If you were able to find your way into this blog area, you can see that there is much more interactivity here than ever before.

The most experienced editorial staff covering the industry, namely TWICE’s editors, will blog and provide their unique insights. And we’ve put together an all-star team of industry experts who will also blog from time to time: Gary Shapiro of CEA; Maxell’s Don Patrican; Jim Ristow of BrandSource’s Home Entertainment Source; Bill Matthies, a TWICE print columnist over the years and a founder of Coyote Insight; and veteran buying group executive Warren Mann.

On top of that you will still get the columns of yours truly and our founding editor Bob Gerson, just in case you don’t get the print edition or missed an issue.

There is also be a link to where you will be able to see video coverage of International CES right here featuring several TWICE editors including yours truly. Steve Nelson, president of the Nelson Network, which owns, already has interviews with top executives on the site now. When you arrive at CES you will see his coverage exclusively in many Las Vegas hotels during the show via cable TV. His coverage online won’t stop when CES ends by the way. Periodically Steve will provide CE updates at other industry events.

Another departure for us is podcasts. Due to another exclusive agreement, we have been able to link with Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline, the syndicated radio show that is also heard on the Web at You may hear me on his show occasionally but more importantly Dave will interview executives from top CE companies talking about, what else, hot products.

We’ve expanded our “By The Numbers” section of industry statistics, so hopefully today, if not very soon, you will have access to the many statistical reports we either compile or write about online or in print.

We will also stream other news from the Web from English-language Asian newspapers and top newspapers, publications and Web sites in the United States to get their take on the industry.

And then there is an area called “feedback” where instead of calling or e-mailing your comments about individual stories or our coverage in general, you can do it online.

Speaking of “feedback,” in the middle of the design process we surveyed you and asked what you value about and what you want from in the future. Over 1,000 readers said news, news, more news, new product information, statistics and, yes, news. Our survey indicated that there was less than 1 percent interest in blogs.

According to the CBS Evening News the Census Bureau reported that about 13 million people have created blogs, but only 39 million say they read someone else’s blog. CBS correspondent Sharon Alfonsi commented, “Crunch the numbers. That’s an average of three readers per blog. A lot of you might just want to send an e-mail.”

A clever line but that was broadcast last Friday evening, right before Time announced that you, and I and the rest of us on this planet who surf the Web and contribute to it are that magazine’s “Person of the Year” for the contributions millions of us have done to what is being called “Web 2.0.”

TWICE never puts our collective heads in the sand, especially since we are covering the most dynamic industry in the world so blogs and other interactive features are part of the new

But don’t think we will ever forget our mission at TWICE: to be a fair, impartial and accurate news source about the consumer electronics and major appliance industries.

If you like all the new bells and whistles of this new site, please let us know what you like, and also what should be improved. It’s our Web site, but it’s really yours, our loyal readers and soon to be contributors to