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Tom Holman Going To Apple?

Apple’s impact on the consumer audio industry has been nothing short of astounding, but the company that generates most of its sales volume from iPods, iPhones and related items must think it could take it up another notch. Why else would it be interviewing so many audio engineers in recent months?

The big question is whether Tomlinson Holman – the USC professor and co-creator of the original THX audio certification standards for mixing studios, cinemas and home audio equipment – has made a trip or two to Cupertino.

Another question is whether he has been hired by Apple. That’s the word from Leo Laporte, who hosts a nationally syndicated technology-focused talk show on radio and hosts technology shows on the Internet at TWiT. “I have it on good authority that Tomlinson Holman (of THX fame) is joining Apple to run audio,” he said in a tweet.

So what does Tom Holman have to say? “Sorry, Joseph. I can neither confirm nor deny press speculation.”

What do you think Apple is up to?