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Super Bowl CE Commercials Review

By now I’m pretty sure everyone has hit YouTube to take another look at their favorite Super Bowl commercials from last night.

But for the millions, or thousands or half a dozen people, who are interested in just the spots featuring CE products, I put together a short list for your viewing pleasure along with some commentary. You can click on the links below or see them in the video module on

Motorola’s Megan Fox commercial received a lot of attention and some pretty big laughs at the Super Bowl party I attended. One can’t go wrong putting Fox in a bathtub with nothing but bubbles. For some reason, it just works on so many levels.

Vizio’s spot featured a somewhat brief appearance by the company’s new spokeswoman Beyonce, but it was interesting to watch.

FLOTV had two commercials: The first featured Super Bowl halftime performers The Who singing “My Generation.” Daltry’s voice sounded great during the show, but the general consensus of myself and TWICE managing editor John Laposky is that medleys just don’t work. Sing an entire song.

The second was quite funny, showing some poor shlub of a guy getting towed around a store with his girlfriend or wife instead of being able to watch the game on TV. FLOTV, of course, could have solved this problem for him.

Intel’s commercial showed an engineer espousing about how the Core processor family is the greatest Intel product ever, which obviously insulted the Intel-made robot standing next to him. I think Intel should have replayed the spots it made in the 1990s with Homer Simpson. Not only were they better then yesterday’s offering, but they blew away Coke’s Simpson ad.

Boost Mobile did a pretty good job if for no other reason than to see the 1985 Chicago Bears reprise their Super Bowl Shuffle routine, albeit this time as old geezers.