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“Spring Black Friday”

It’s none of my business, since it doesn’t involve the CE or major appliances (thank God), but I just saw this headline: ‘Spring Black Friday’ happening earlier than usual.

The story is about Lowe’s and The Home Depot reacting to the warm early spring weather and having sales that rival Black Friday.

We all know Black Friday in the CE and major appliance business, don’t we? It is a red-ink festival traditionally held the day after Thanksgiving every year that has been elongated by desperate (and unimaginative) merchants from October to December in some deviant cases. Think “Merry Thanksgivoween,” the classic cartoon by Mike Thomsen of the Detroit Free Press.

You would think that Lowe’s and Home Depot would know better, given the profit losses in CE and major appliances on that dark day every year.

They will see profits in daffodils, daisies, grass seed, fertilizer, BBQs, lawn mowers — you name it — get sucked out of their operations.

They probably think they know best. But you can’t say they haven’t been warned.