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Smartphones Are Giving Voters A New Voice

Smartphones are quickly becoming an important tool for voters to follow campaigns, discuss issues and connect directly with a politician running for office.

According to a poll conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 88 percent of registered voters own a cellphone and 48 percent of these folks have a smartphone. And they are not afraid to use it to both spread and absorb election information.

So far during this election cycle, about 45 percent of these people have used their smartphone to read commentary on social-networking sites, 35 percent used their smartphone to fact-check a candidates comment. About 18 percent used their phone to place their own opinions online about a candidate or campaign.

Texting is also playing a particularly important role, with 19 percent of cellphone-owning registered voters sending texts to friends and family regarding a campaign. Five percent have signed up to receive texts directly from a candidate or political group.

On the downside, another 5 percent said they have received unwanted and unsolicited election-related messages.

Pew talked to 1,005 adults from Sept. 20-23.