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Satellite TV vs. Cable

I don’t consider myself a spiteful person, but when it comes to my cable TV provider, all bets are off. After nearly three years of frustration, terrible customer service and spotty service with the digital cable receiver in our bedroom, my husband and I finally came to our senses: We’re getting satellite TV.

Part of this decision was lead by our desire to have the MLB Extra Innings package (one week until pitchers and catchers!). And part of this decision was, yes, done out of spite. We plan to flip a coin to see who gets the privilege of calling our cable company to inform them we are leaving them forever. Do I think the person on the phone will really care? Probably not, but it will still be satisfying.

DirecTV offered a shiny new package filled with promises: free equipment, free installation, free HD for one year, free portable DVD player. And even after the one-year promotional price expires — we had to sign up for a two-year agreement — we will still be paying less than we currently are for cable. The real question is: what took us so long?