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Revisiting Thanksgiving Day Shopping

I have been reading the pro and con arguments surrounding the decision by several retailers to open their doors Thanksgiving evening.

Up until today, my opinion has been that the trend is a negative for our country and society. There should be a time, albeit ever so briefly, when everyone gets to go home and enjoy a day with their family or just loafing around.

However, it occurred to me that I and the other detractors have put on blinders regarding this issue.

I don’t see anyone complaining about supermarkets being open for part of the day, or gas stations and convenience stores.

This led me to the notion that I am a hypocrite. As the primary Thanksgiving Day chef for my family, I would be in serious trouble if my local Stop & Shop were closed. I have forgotten countless items, including the extremely important canned jellied cranberry sauce and cans of turkey gravy after I managed to botch the job of making it on my own — all requiring a quick run to the store.

I am sure not everyone working on Thanksgiving is happy to be at work. I certainly was not when I was forced to do so as a Hertz Car Rental facility manager. But I did take that job knowing full well I would be working holidays, and many people staffing Target or Walmart will be getting overtime pay, which they can probably use.

So, in the end, I have revised my theory on CE stores opening on Thanksgiving. Until everyone stands up and demands that all stores close, we have no right to pick on CE retailers who choose to open their doors on this holiday.