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Rain Unveils E-Privacy Technology at CES 2023 – A Cybersecurity Solution that Starts at the Display

Rain Technology showcases at CES 2023 what could be one of the biggest disruptors in the CE industry. Its innovative e-privacy technology is unlike anything else on the market, combining advanced customized software and hardware to create computer and smartphone displays that prohibit people other than the intended user to view content. Far more effective and convenient than run-of-the-mill overlays that apply manually to screens, Rain’s e-privacy technology is built into the product, switching from public to privacy mode at the tap of a button or automatically when certain files are accessed. The unique technology is already available on select Hewlett-Packard laptop computers, and will soon make its way onto smartphones. Rain is also exploring opportunities in the automotive industry. Similar to how the e-privacy mode prevents non-authorized off-axis viewing, it can alter the portions of a vehicle’s infotainment display to allow only the passengers to see a movie and other content. This prevents distracted driving. Recognized by the automotive industry as a huge issue, Rain’s proven e-privacy technology harbors a promising resolution.

During an exclusive interview with Rain CEO Robert Ramsey and Chief Scientist Michael Robinson, we uncover the mystique behind this game-changing technology. Watch the video below.

About Rain Technology

For more information about Rain’s revolutionary e-privacy display solution and to explore OEM partnerships to bring to market a new generation of smart displays, please visit or email [email protected].