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RadioShack Revisited

Hey, we hate to kick a company when it’s down, but we just couldn’t resist the following twisted timeline from satire publication The Onion.

(And forgive us RadioShack – and Julian Day – but this Onion piece from 1997 is even more biting.)

Timeline: The Collapse Of RadioShack

1962: Retailer establishes a 40-year period of peace and prosperity among electronics retailers known as the Pax Radioica

1980: As a joke, RadioShack employee asks customer buying game-TV switchbox for name and address. Practice lasts company-wide for another 22 years.

1995: Poor microcassette harvest devastates first-quarter sales

1996-2005: Company coasts by on purchase of single VGA cord from Fort Myers, FL location

1999: RadioShack CEO assures Americans that products will break down regardless of Y2K

2001: Company introduces cordless Howie Long

2005: Corporation celebrates one-millionth customer walking in, scoffing at cost, and walking out empty-handed

2007: Email leaks reveal RadioShack in serious talks to buy pack of AA batteries from Duracell

2008: Company loses lucrative Defense Department contract

2010: Executives hold press conference to address issue of what exactly is going on with that one aisle of just copper wire and cable splitters

2015: RadioShack management forced to euthanize millions of thumb drives they can no longer support