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Qualcomm Eyes Intel

The laptop took another step closer to irrelevancy this week with Qualcomm’s introduction of its 800-series processor.

Dr. Paul Jacobs unveiled these new quad-core engines during his keynote address on Monday, but what should strike fear into the hearts of those companies that still depend on selling conventional computing products is that the 800 series turns a smartphone into something almost as powerful as a laptop.

The 800 series runs at 2.3GHz per core, and if the demos Jacobs ran are any indication of this chip’s power, it can not only seamlessly run 4K video, but capture it as well. Essentially, there will be little that a smartphone or tablet will be able to do.

The other issue is that Qualcomm plans to market the 800 to computer vendors.

This should put a cold shiver down Intel’s spine. Intel has only recently put on a full-court press to make up some ground in the smartphone and tablet space. And while Intel has the manufacturing capacity to be a player, Qualcomm and the other ARM-based chip makers have a substantial and now possibly insurmountable lead.

The 800 will not replace the true heavy lifters that Intel puts out, but Qualcomm could find some customers in the for all-in-one PC and entry-level laptop area.