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Power in Numbers: The Benefits of Joining a Buying Group

During this economic downturn the words strength and power in the marketplace are seldom heard of. However, buying groups give the independent dealer the tools necessary to compete against larger retail chains and survive during times of recession.

Buying groups were started as a way for smaller businesses to get manufacturer price advantages, usually only afforded to retail chains, by pooling their orders together into one large shipment. Today, buying groups offer a host of benefits in addition to group negotiated pricing.

For instance, Nationwide Marketing Group, is viewed by its members as a “selling” group, providing independent retailers with promotional tools, television and print advertising. The group also offers members their very own website to reach the increased number of consumers who research and shop online.

Buying groups, like Nationwide Marketing Group, put independent retailers in touch with other dealers to encourage networking among members. Independent retailers are also given direct access to the sales team of top manufacturers that they may have otherwise never been in contact with. Finally, with sales training, convenient learning tracks, seminars, and timely presentations from leaders within the industry, buying groups are the gateway to the education and training most independents would not be able to make time for or afford on their own.

Joining a buying group gives independent dealers not only the purchasing power needed to compete in today’s marketplace but also strengthens their businesses through programs and services designed to promote, inform, and increase sales during any economic climate.

Robert Weisner, Executive Vice President of Nationwide Marketing Group