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Plantronics Freebie For Speeders

If you’re ticketed for talking on a cellphone while driving, will send you a free cellphone headset —a Plantronics Discovery 925, according to an email from the company. Not too shabby, since this headset retails for a suggested $149

As Reporter’s Notebook had previously blogged, there have been numerous studies that say hands-free driving is no safer than driving on talking on a cellphone.’s CEO Mike Faith acknowledged this in a statement from the company:

“‘We’d rather that people didn’t take calls while driving, hands-free or not,’ says Faith. ‘There’s just no way you can chat on the phone and keep the same attention on the road.’ Faith notes however that the reality of the situation is that people will continue to do it, and he hopes this program will help those that are finding it difficult to change, to at least take a step in the right direction by switching to a hands-free system.”

Next up: Free GPS units for those caught making illegal U-turns?