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Ode To A Home IT Manager

Here are a few pleasant thoughts for the next time you find yourself under a desk attempting to reset your router or trying to diagnose why your son’s laptop no longer connects to the home printer.

These are courteously supplied by Linksys.

-There are 430 million households worldwide with a Wi-Fi network.

-Seventy-three percent of home networks owners attempt to be their own IT manager

-84 percent of all males consider themselves their home’s IT manager, while  66 percent of female feel the same way.

– Nine percent of homeowners rely on their children to fix their IT problems, while 7 percent ask a friend and 6 percent hire a professional.

-Ninety percent of home IT managers live in the home they “manage,” but the remaining 10 percent have to make house calls.

-Thirty-four percent of home IT managers said the Internet is the center for most of their issues, while 39 percent reported that printers and peripherals are the source of their headaches.

– Managing security settings causes 30 percent of the problems

– Handling firmware updates bugs 29 percent.

Since all home IT managers are gluttons for punishment — otherwise we would simply disavow any knowledge of how these crazy systems work — 26 percent of those surveyed said they would like to add their thermostat and utilities to their network, and another 13 percent would like to control their lights.

So the next time you are up at 2 a.m. trying to burn out the virus that has infected your friend’s computer because he has refused to buy the security software you suggested, take heart. You are not alone.