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Losing GPS?

Drivers may be once again forced to stop at gas stations to ask for directions if a Government Accountability Office’s report on the state of our global-positioning satellites is correct.

The GAO stated the U.S. Air Force has been negligent in maintaining the satellite fleet that keeps the world’s

GPS devices working.

This could happen as early as 2010, according to a FoxNews report.

If the GPS system were to fail it would prove disastrous for portable device makers that have made GPS the centerpiece of so many products.

I tend to think the problem is not as serious as the GAO has stated. The satellites not only guide the average American to the movies and restaraunts, but their signals play an intricate role with the U.S. military.

GPS signals guide everything from missiles to bombs to troops on the ground. So if the system would go down it would great curtail our ability to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The military is hardly about to let that happen.