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LG Touts Superphone, Superhero

LG Mobile announced a multilevel marketing campaign that ties into the “Green Lantern” movie to promote the company’s Revolution 4G Android superphone, which is available on the Verizon Wireless network.

Ads on TV and in cinemas highlight the capabilities of the superphone and the superhero, and at www.revolutionbylg.comconsumerscan learn more about the phone, watch “Green Lantern” trailers, and download film wallpapers or buddy icons. Banner ads with links to information about the movie and the phone also appearing on

It’s a great tie-in, but a better product to tie into the “Green Lantern” movie — if it were available here yet — would be the LG Optimus Black shown at International CES. It features proprietary Nova display with 700-nit brightness for outdoor visibility in strong sunlight. The display also delivers pure white tones to make text reading easier, LG said.

As I envision it, Green Lantern would hold the phone in his hands and recite a modified version of the Green Lantern oath:

In brightest day,

In blackest night,

No pixel shall escape my sight

Let those who worship Samsung’s might

Beware the power of LG’s light.

Somehow, though, I don’t think LG would approve.