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A Letter From A Customer

Cohen’s Electronics & Appliance is an independent, single-showroom dealer in Montgomery, Ala.

The company’s buying organization, the Nationwide East division of the Nationwide Marketing Group, shared with TWICE a recent letter from a Cohen’s customer. The unsolicited note, below, reminds us of the key role independent dealers play in displaying, explaining, selling, delivering and installing the best of the industry’s wares.

In its entirety:

“Yesterday I had a new TV system as well as a dishwasher delivered and installed, flawlessly as always. I want to thank your entire team for another great experience.

“I used to be a ‘big-box’ consumer until I discovered the Cohen’s difference. For me, it’s not just the selection or the competitive prices at the time of purchase. What for me is the big difference is the ‘education before the sale.’

Cohen’s Electronics owners Michael (left) and David Cohen, with their dad and company founder Raymond(photo courtesy Alabama Retail Assn.)

“When we shop Cohen’s, it’s usually a two- to three-visit process. First to see what is available, and to learn the pros and cons of various features, which helps my wife and [me] understand what it is we really are looking for and need.

“That is something I never got in a big-box store, and the ability to be an informed consumer before we make the final decision; that is what the ‘Cohen’s difference’ is to me. When we come to buy, we really understand what we are shopping for, and there is no second guessing after the fact.

“Thanks especially to Jarrett Robinson and Mark McCoy for their expertise in helping us make our selections, and to Reuben and Michael who did the installations.” — John E. O’Connor, Jr., Prattville, Ala.