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Kudos To The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Maybe it is because we at TWICE are closing our Dec. 17 print edition today, which features our annual Retail Year-End Wrap Up, but we’d like to tip our cap to the Minneapolis Star Tribune for its coverage of Best Buy this year.

Yes, it is unusual for one media outlet to praise another, but the coverage the Star Tribune has done, and continues to do such as its report today on Dick Schulze’s impending bid on Best Buy, has been notable.

Over the years in this blog and in my print column I have taken to task bloggers, financial and consumer media outlets and Wall Street analysts who report or comment on the CE industry using overblown rhetoric, overstating the obvious, or misrepresenting the facts… when they do any original reporting at all.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s coverage of Best Buy is notable for several reasons. One is that it is the chain’s hometown paper. It would be far easier to take it easy on a local business with a national presence during hard times.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has not taken the easy road. Their reporters worked their sources within the company and the community and broke stories about Best Buy this year. From what we can see they wrote news stories that were factual. They published opinion pieces based on those facts, putting the story into context.

Maybe current, former and possible soon-to-be owners of Best Buy executives might disagree in some cases, but the paper has reported the news of the chain this year and provided informed analysis, without the tabloid reporting and vitriol that characterizes too much coverage of any breaking story of any type today.