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iPhone Passion Echoes Lust For Home, Car Audio

In marking the fifth anniversary of iPhone’s debut on June 29, Gazelle, the CE trade-in site, released a survey today saying the following:

“When asked which device or platform they would not be able to live without, a majority (65 percent) chose iPhone, while only a few (1 percent) report not being able to do without Facebook. Nearly 15 percent of respondents said they’d rather give up sex than go for even a weekend without their iPhone. Now that’s love.”

Now, I own an iPhone, and I can see the point about Facebook, but the one about sex? No comment.

This survey did take me back to my high school days and comments by more than a few male veterans of the CE business, who, when the subject comes up, said that they got passionate about home audio products or car audio system about the time puberty kicked in.

Back then, a young guy having the best sound system, either at home or especially in your car, could make himself a little more popular with the young ladies in his town or neighborhood because music was – to use a 21st century word – the “content” of choice among the young. (Rock mostly and disco, if you were a little younger.)

Today the “content” of choice for teens, tweens, young adults – you name it – is social media. Audio, video, still pix, texts, tweets, emails to and from friends and family, have replaced music, and other creations from established media companies.

The technology of smartphones, and other handheld devices, to make consumers into content creators is one factor in the mobile revolution.

Another is that in hard economic times, consumers have always loved CE. But prior to the mobile revolution, they would turn to accessories or other add-ons to existing systems to crank up their home or vehicle entertainment hardware.

The main choice of many today is to buy a smartphone – many being iPhones – and begin creating and communicating with friends and family.

Click here for a copy of the press release for more details on this survey.