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I Want My MLB

I gleefully blogged earlier this month about ordering satellite TV and giving my cable provider the old kiss-off — sadly, it was not meant to be. The DirecTV technician who visited my home yesterday informed us that our deck didn’t provide the necessary clear view of the southern sky; also, we discovered, our condo association doesn’t permit dishes larger than 18 inches to be installed on the roof or anywhere else on the exterior (the dish we were getting was 32 inches).

So we’re stuck with digital cable.

The biggest upset about this is that I won’t be able to order DirecTV’s much-coveted Extra Innings MLB package. It’s not available through my cable provider, and if DirecTV has its way, it will only be available through them. I didn’t mind the idea of switching to satellite for the baseball package because I was fed up with my cable service; now that I’m unable to get satellite, it seems like the most asinine marketing ploy ever (funny how that works).

According to the Associated Press, DirecTV has never confirmed that the deal even exists, but the FCC is taking upon itself to investigate. I’m having a hard time understanding why MLB would want to turn away customers who are perfectly willing to pay additional money to watch games.