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How Secure is DECT (Part II)

Two weeks ago, the DECT Forum issued a statement saying that the technology was secure, despite a demonstration by hackers to the opposite effect. 

Now, Heise Online is reporting that the notebook card used by said hackers is suddenly in high demand: 

At theCCC-25C3 Congress in late December 2008it was announced that notebooks running Linux could be converted into portable listening systems for cordless telephones by using the Com-On-Air cards. At the time the dyingPCMCIA Type IIcard standard wasn’t very popular, but now these Com-On-Air cards are hard to find. A few days ago the cards were available on eBay for about 20 Euros, now the cards have starting, and “Buy Now” prices, of around 200 Euros. A look at the closed auctions show that these high prices are actually being paid as the demand increases.

Now the upside is that there doesn’t appear to be any U.S.-based groups dedicated to hacking into DECT signals to prove a point. So talk away…