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Hints To Ireland’s Role With BrandSource

Kathy Ireland’s role as brand ambassador for BrandSource will not just involve appearing on the group’s ads.

Oh, of course, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who is CEO and chief designer of her own $1.5 billion company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, will be in BrandSource ads, probably by midyear. But don’t be surprised if it also includes CE and/or major appliance products. That’s just an educated guess on my part.

As we reported last week, new Kathy Ireland-licensed products may be sold by BrandSource members and could include detergents, floor coverings “and other products that are solution-oriented,” BrandSource CEO Bob Lawrence told TWICE. Initially, BrandSource will feature existing Kathy Ireland products from suppliers like Bush, Shaw Living and others that carry the license.

Plans may also entail other types of products. As a follow-up to our interview, Claude Ergas, international marketing and branding consultant for Kathy Ireland Worldwide, emailed to say that two of Kathy’s associates, landscape designer Nicholas Walker and Chef Andre, “will be a critical part of our launch with BrandSource as it relates to both cooking and entertainment, as well as outdoor solutions for outdoor products.”

Here’s the video: NW Demo