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Green Google

Google not only understands that green is good, but its potential as a profit generator could dwarf what it is has made on the Internet.

Google said in a press release yesterday that it will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to develop renewable energy sources such as solar thermal power, where mirrors are used to gather and use sunlight to power a generator.

This is the most interesting case of corporate philanthropy that I have seen in quite some time because it will not only help the world, but will also make Google a fortune.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is currently the gold standard for corporate philanthropy. It has spent billions helping bring better health care, education and technology to the world’s poorest people. A truly noble act that I would hope make the Gates name remembered for something more then software.

However, what Google wants to do could potentially benefit almost every person on the planet and help save the planet itself in the process. Google has both deep pockets and the ability to focus its energy (no pun intended) in a way that the federal government cannot hope to match. If for no other reason than those at Google, unlike many politicians, are not beholden to any fossil-fuel-based entity, enabling the Internet search engine king to explore where it wishes without fear of retribution.

So three cheers for Google’s foresight and for using its bank account for something good.