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Grammy Ads Promote Audio

My heart surged with audio pride as I watched a pair of commercials during the recent Grammy awards — until I saw who did the advertising.
One commercial touted a product that lets you “hear music the way the artist intended.” Then I saw the ad was for a Hewlett-Packard desktop computer. Sigh!
Next up was a commercial for a smokin’ car audio system with pounding subwoofers and Dolby Pro Logic II. Then I saw it was a Sony-branded OEM system in a Ford Explorer. Argggh.
If only the home audio and car audio aftermarket had the resources to promote themselves like that. At the very least, Hewlett-Packard will make consumers aware of what a good audio system tries to achieve, though you can’t do that with PC speakers. And the Ford commercial will increase awareness of some killer car audio technologies that consumers can always choose to get in their own car without buying a new car.