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A Gift For The AIG Exec In Your Life

Super Talent Technology is offering a limited edition 18-carat solid-gold version of its bleeding-edge Pico-C water-resistant 8GB USB drive. It boasts a blazing 200x (30MBps) data-transfer speed and 256-bit encryption technology and, for a mere $599, it comes tucked into a black velvet jewelry box with a serialized certificate of authenticity and an 18-carat gold keychain. Customized text or a logo of your choice can be laser-etched onto the drive “at no charge.”

According to the company’s press release, “this rare collector’s item makes an eloquent corporate gift (it speaks too???), and is available only on a preorder basis for a limited time, with three to four weeks lead time.

Its part number is STC8GBPCKG for those of you who don’t know what to get me this holiday season. It will be available at Amazon shortly.
For those commodity investors out there, as of press time gold is selling for $720 per ounce.