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Five Of The Most Promising CES Introductions…

With total attendance exceeding 170,000 from more than 150 countries across the globe, CES is one of the largest trade shows in the world. Exhibitors of all kinds span nearly 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space, presenting cutting-edge technology for a variety of different applications.

But from self-driving cars and augmented reality to the latest innovations in smart home (yes, we saw an app-enabled toaster there this month), the most talked about tech is generally a bit out of reach for the average consumer.

To determine which new devices might be adopted by the masses, we turned to the world’s largest focus group: social media. By monitoring online conversation surrounding CES 2017 announcements — specifically those that saw a significant amount of positive, organic (not brand-driven) mentions outside of the press — we were able to determine a list of five products that show promise. All items saw spikes in online conversation by non-CES attendees, who looked forward to adopting them into their everyday lives.

1. Under Armour’s recovery sleepwear

At an attainable price point of under $100, even the casual gym-goer can afford to try Under Armour’s athlete recovery sleepwear that promotes better sleep. Under Armour’s TB12 technology absorbs natural heat in the body and reflects Far Infrared back into the skin providing the wearer with better sleep, reduced inflammation, regulated cell metabolism and a faster recovery. 

A video shared by Funny or Die, which showcases the sleepwear and comically features spokesman Tom Brady, has received over 44,000 views on YouTube and 1.4 million views on Facebook since published on Jan. 5. In addition to Brady, influencers Misty Copeland, Michael Phelps and Arianna Huffington have all joined Under Armour’s conversation on the importance of sleep as part of the recovery process.

2. Lego Boost

Lego announced at CES that you could now turn your bricks into bots with their new kit, Boost. Boost allows users to attach Bluetooth-enabled motors and sensors to any Lego bricks, and through an accompanying app can make their creations dance, light up, make noise and more. More than a toy, the kit provides a simplified way to introduce kids to programming.

While some social users are chiming in that they wish they had this as children, many AFOLs (adult fans of Lego) are sharing that they plan to purchase this for their kids as an excuse to own the kit themselves. Since being announced, Lego Boost has been mentioned over 12,000 times on Twitter. 

3. Willow hands-free breast pump

A dishwasher- safe, battery-powered breast pump with discreet, hands-free action allows moms to multitask. In addition to system upgrades, the pump features an app that self-records activity, letting mothers forgo handwritten logs.

Moms are going to social to call this product a “game changer” and share their excitement that a hands-free option will be coming to market. Nevertheless, there is mixed reaction to the price point, with some social users hoping that this product would one day be covered by insurance.

4. Sleep Number 360 smart bed

A winner of a CES Innovation award, the smart bed has the ability to sense snoring through biometric cues and raise the snorer’s side of the bed appropriately, and adjust each time the user switches sleeping positions to optimize comfort. In addition, under-bed lighting turns on when the user steps out of the bed and again when he returns. 

Since announced, the 360 smart bed has been tweeted over 2,000 times. While some social users are intrigued by the idea of using AI to better their sleep, others jokingly share their fear that they will never leave their bed.


The “wallpaper TV” introduces a new level of thin to the flat-screen market. With the 65-inch version weighing in at only 18 pounds it no longer requires owners to worry about weight limits when mounting their sets. And while most CES tech announcements take considerable time to reach the hands of everyday consumers, LG’s Signature TV is projected to be available for purchase in March and is presently on display at a handful of Best Buy stores.

Social users have discussed “wallpaper TVs” over 3,000 times on Twitter, sharing their amazement at the 2.57mm-thick panels as well as the simplicity of attaching them to the wall with magnets. Some are already sharing their plans to purchase the TV through the use of their tax return this spring.

Post-CES, 2017 is looking a bit smarter, a bit more connected and a lot more fun. Though the items above have yet to roll out to retail, we’re certain that consumers are chomping at the bit to try them out.

And, if LG, Lego and the like are tuned in to the online excitement, they’ll speed up production so we can all test out this tech even sooner.

Jen Handley is co-president and co-founder of Fizziology, a leading social media research firm and digital consultancy that uses real-time reactions of audiences in social media to help creators and marketers understand trends and insights.