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Springing Forward: 3 Growth Areas For Dealers – And Where Distributors Can Support

Key areas where distributors can help meet dealer needs

Distributors sit at important crosshairs across the industry – we see the good, the bad and the ugly. While may have been impacted by the supply chain issues and chip shortages – we were carefully watching and preparing for shipments to slow and looking at strategies for how we could support dealers during these issues. Homeowner demand for smart home products has not slowed – and this has required the industry to get creative to meet demand. As I have met with my PowerHouse members across the country there are three key areas that have continued to rise to the surface as we talk about what to expect for the rest of 2022.

Upgrade the Experience not Just the Products

When you think about upgrades you may immediately think – swapping out that old LED for the latest and greatest 8K display. While that is certainly a route to take – not every customer is an early adopter or driven to have the most recent release. It’s important for dealers to consider what an upgraded experience may look like for their existing customer base.

Perhaps you started with adding a higher quality display to their home but what about the sound? The right 5.1/7.1 surround sound system can deepen the experience while they watch the latest Marvel movie or start queuing up those Oscar nominated movies. The same goes for a security system – what may have started with a video doorbell can be expanded to include a series of sensors and monitors to help homeowners feel that much more secure as they leave for Spring Break or start to plan Summer Vacations.

Get a quarterly check-in/correspondence out to all of your existing customers, this not only will keep you top of mind for your client, but opens the door for them to share with you what they may want to add in the future. You may find they love their new TV but they’re having trouble with buffering when streaming – maybe it’s time for a network upgrade. PHA members have all increased their stocking levels and have taken on new product lines to be able to offer comparable products for any project, when the first choice may not be available…

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Home Sweet Home Office

The pandemic has and continues to change the game for work from home. Recent data from Parks Associates found 38 million households had at least one member working remotely at home during 2021. There is no indication that this number is going to drastically decrease in the near future. With work from home becoming the new norm – the market for a tech-enabled home office need is at an all-time high. For many homes the pandemic and the working, learning and entertaining from home may have exposed some issues with internet connectivity.

PowerHouse Alliance Members shared that networking equipment was one of their most successful categories in 2021 and they anticipate this category to continue to grow in 2022. Beyond building a robust and secure network, dealers have the opportunity to go a level deeper with the home office, offering motorized shades to block sunlight while on a call, setting up an audio system that users can easily operate from their phone. Don’t discount the home office and with the wide mix of products available at PowerHouse locations, we can offer guidance on any product categories you’ve not worked with before.

Opting Outdoors

We’ve all heard that neighbor at a BBQ boasting about his outdoor set up – he bought a BIG TV to watch the BIG games and he sets up his wireless speaker and man what a system. We all know that this type of “outdoor entertainment” is becoming common – but as the experts in this area we have a real opportunity to show homeowners what outdoor entertainment REALLY looks like with the right product mix. No more hauling a non-outdoor rated TV from the living room or running countless extension cords. Not only do these types of systems not deliver a full solution – we know…they’re not always safe. As we head into spring, PowerHouse members are fully stocked with the latest outdoor products, i.e. TVs from Peerless, Seura and SAMSUNG – we’ve got outdoor speakers from Seura, Proficient, and Peerless. Delivering an outdoor system that a customer does not have to worry about in a rainstorm or when temps spike provides a new kind of peace of mind. As adoption of technology in the home has been on the rise, it is fair to assume the interest will transfer to outdoor spaces as the weather warms and homeowners want to host activities outside.

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