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An Immersive Wireless Audio Experience Is The Next Great Leap In Home Entertainment

And WiSA Technologies is at the center of this movement

(image credit: WiSA)

Discrete, multichannel audio has long been established as the optimal way to enjoy truly immersive spatial sound. That is, multiple speakers physically placed throughout the home theater space, with each speaker delivering a specific channel of an audio stream.

The advent of high-end wireless multichannel audio has further simplified set-up by eliminating the clutter of physical speaker wires, while maintaining the highest audio quality and level of control. In this uber-discerning segment, WiSA-compliant speakers and WiSA-compliant universal transmitters such as the WISA SoundSend are the preferred solution and have been for over ten years.

Tony Ostrom, President, WiSA Association

Retailers and consumers have come to trust that audio products bearing the WiSA mark deliver the highest-quality wireless multichannel audio. But most don’t know that the core enabling technology is from Summit Wireless, the parent company of the well-known WiSA Association. Summit Wireless has always been in the background, developing the semiconductors and wireless modules capable of transmitting and receiving up to eight channels of high-bitrate audio. Meanwhile, the WiSA Association is front and center, working closely with retailers, installers, industry publications, and most importantly, leading brands – all in an effort to promote a new era of quality audio that is both simple to set up and affordable.

Yet historically, many consumers are still hesitant to upgrade their audio systems based on perceived cost and complexity. Enter the soundbar – a product category designed to improve audio quality at a reasonable cost and with minimal set-up complexity. Summit Wireless took note and developed a cost-effective wireless module enabling entry-level soundbars to use Summit’s best-in-class technology to deliver multichannel audio. And both Summit and the WiSA Association recognized growing consumer demand for a greater immersive audio experience.

The conditions are right for change. And WiSA is the catalyst.

WiSA Technologies – the company that includes both Summit Wireless and the WiSA Association

Market adoption requires consumer clarity, and in immersive multichannel home audio, this clarity comes through WiSA. Consumer clarity is critical to all members of the ecosystem: from CE manufacturers to retailers, and from the media to consumers who buy the final product. Recognizing this, Summit Wireless changed its name to WiSA Technologies. As of this year, WiSA Technologies includes both the development of the core technology that drives wireless multichannel audio, and the industry/market-facing activities of the WiSA Association.

A New Product from WiSA Technologies Enables Immersive Audio to a Broader Market

On the innovation front, the engineers at WiSA Technologies have long been recognized as the leading developers of wireless consumer audio transmitters, receivers, and modules. WiSA Technologies’ best-in-class WiSA HT solution includes eight-channel wireless audio for stunning quality, lightning-fast syncing, low-latency and high-fidelity for any home theater setup. WiSA HT is the technology in all WiSA-enabled audio products on the market today.

Leveraging 10-years of expertise, WiSA Technologies announced the new WiSA DS wireless module which brings immersive multichannel audio to soundbar systems, thus enabling the broader market to enjoy best-in-class immersive audio. The Wi-Fi-based WiSA DS module features up to five channels of HD audio with four full-range audio channels and one high-fidelity subwoofer channel.

The WiSA Association Continues to Promote Immersive Audio to Consumers and the Industry at Large

The 80+-member WiSA Association continues its mission to evangelize, educate, and promote wireless immersive home audio. Retailers are a key link between consumers and technology, and the WiSA Association’s promotional programs with leading e-tailers and retailers such as Walt’s, B&H, Beach Camera, and others, help consumers understand the value and simplicity of immersive wireless multichannel audio.

All members of the WiSA Association have access to a complete set of marketing tools along with the ability to create both hard and soft bundles from a combination of member companies. Member companies can also take advantage of WiSA’s Wave Marketing program, a set of direct-to-consumer advertising and promotional initiatives designed to sell WiSA-enabled audio systems. The WiSA Association has even developed its own product offering when required by the market. The award-winning WISA SoundSend universal transmitter is a perfect example – designed to connect to any HDTV with HDMI ARC or eARC, SoundSend transmits up to 8 channels of audio and interoperates with any WiSA-certified speaker.

For the Best in Immersive Audio, Trust WiSA

For immersive wireless multichannel audio to take off, consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, and channel partners need to see a profitable market segment. And end consumers need “I gotta have it” products. WiSA Technologies is uniquely qualified to enable this growing market with its combination of core wireless audio R&D and technology, its 80+ member association of leading audio brands, and its range of retail and direct-to-consumer marketing programs designed to get best-in-class immersive audio solutions into the hands of eager customers.

About the Author
Tony Ostrom is the President of the Wireless Audio and Speaker Association (WiSA). His 25-year career in the consumer electronics industry has been focused on product planning and development, consumer research, technology integration, go-to-market planning, marketing, training and sales. Prior to joining WiSA Tony was the Vice President of Product Development at Klipsch Group where he managed multiple categories including Wireless Home Theater, Wireless Distributed Audio, Bluetooth and Powered Audio Solutions. Prior to Klipsch, Tony played key roles in the global launches of Powermat Wireless Charging as well as the House of Marley audio and lifestyle brand. Tony was Director of Product Development and Marketing at Klipsch Group where he drove the Mass Retail and Personal Audio categories and started his career at JL Audio where he was a Technical Director. Tony has a BA in Music Engineering and a Minor in Physics from Ball State University, Muncie Indiana.

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