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The Digital Tombstone

First we brought you word of the pet urn that doubles as a digital frame. Now, the newest in cutting-edge mortuary technology — the digital tombstone:

Behind doors on the tombstone that can be locked is a QR code—- a square code read by mobile phones that can link to Web addresses. Grave visitors can use the code to access images and photographs of the person while they were alive. […] In addition to images of the deceased, people can view a greeting from the chief mourner at the funeral and browse through the guest book. They can also make entries using their cell phones.

This made me wonder. Have there been any significant advances in grave technology, since, um, the shovel? Curious, I went to the one place I knew I could find information: the funeral industry’s trade publications. Turns out, there’s a fair amount going on. They even have a Web store, which you can visit “for fun.”

I like fun, but when I clicked I found books about embalming.*

[Hat tip: Blake Hounshell]

*Please note that I mean no offense to those in the funeral business or in the embalming trade. These are noble professions. Although, I’m more of a cremation man myself.