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David Letteman’s Top Ten Apple Excuses

 Because it’s always fun to bust on industry giants:

Top Ten Apple Excuses

10. “It’s not ’spying’, it’s ‘iSpying’”

9. “So…you don’t want us doing that?”

8. “Just downloaded the anti-spying app for only $9.99″

7. “Who doesn’t like to be tracked like a wild animal?”

6. “I just wanted to know where you were 24 hours a day because I love you”

5. “Maybe you should be asking why Obama won’t show his birth certificate” (This joke is sponsored by Trump for President 2012)

4.  No number 4 — writer Lee Ellenberg is home with “Royal Wedding Fever.” Hey, that’s not a real ailment!

3. “Relax, we were just taking your private information and selling it”

2. “Wanted to know where the party’s at, yo!”

1. “That’s nothing — we also take photos of you in the shower”