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Customer Support Critical To Success

In today’s market, no company can afford to lose customers due to lack of focus on critical touch points, including customer support. In the PC/CE and retail industries, a company will not survive if it focuses solely on its bottom line without recognizing the value of acquiring (and keeping) customers. What companies must consider in the overall cost of support and service is the lifetime value of a loyal customer, and customer retention.

According to CFI Group’s Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2009, satisfaction drives revenue and margin. If a company improves its contact center satisfaction index by 5 percent, word of mouth increases by 5 percent, which positively effects top-line growth. This same increase in the satisfaction index reduces churn by 22 percent, which improves the company’s margin.

Today’s economy begs companies to look at their customers in a new light. Companies have to recognize not delivering on the promise of extreme customer satisfaction not only inhibits a company’s word-of-mouth references, but can destroy a company. An individual’s campaigns against a company, either face-to-face with family and friends or via social media, allows that story to be told again and again and again, and a company is unable to remove or control these negative references.

On the other side of coin, take a look at the Apple Genius Bar and the goldmine that Apple has created! There’s a huge message for vendors and retailers alike that a happy customer – a customer who believes they are being heard – will tell their friends, families and associates and will become a loyal follower. Providing contact center services that respond appropriately to the cultural context of the customer turns customers into loyal followers, and even evangelists, because the experience aligns with that customer’s values.

At CCA, we believe we must re-invent this industry to meet the customer’s expectations. We must bring contact center services careers back to America to perform customer support more effectively, so as not to waste a customer’s most important resource, their time.

Joseph Jacoboni, President/CEO/Founder
Contact Centers of America
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