CTA Digital Gets Fit

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CTA Digital announced a few Wii accessories yesterday, including a skateboard, an aerobic step and a set of dumbbells.

For Tony Hawk wannabes, the skateboard (Wi-SKAB) attaches to a Wii Fit balance board with “heavy duty latches.” It can be used with a variety of Wii games, such as Skate It and Shaun White Snowboarding.

The 3-inch aerobic step (Wi-STE) is also designed to attach to the bottom a Wii Fit balance board. It can support up to 350 pounds, CTA Digital said.  

Finally, the dumbbells (Wi-DUM) can attach to a Wii remote or the Nunchuk. They weigh 1.7 pounds each and can be used with such Wii games as EA Sports Active and Golds Gym Cardio. 

Pricing wasn’t given.


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