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Crowd-Funding Spotlight: Bluetooth Edition

Judging by the number of pitch emails I’ve received since International CES, Bluetooth “leashes” are exploding in popularity. Here are some recent additions to the ambitious crowd-funding crew:

MotionsTek has thrown its hat in the ring, hoping consumers will donate to Indiegogo to help get its TagIt tracking device off the ground. The TagIt, which costs $40 on Indiegogo but will reportedly carry a $90 suggested retail, stands out from others because it has a dormant mode that will preserve battery life, MotionsTek said. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and charges via MicroUSB. The battery life is said to last 120 hours.

Makers of the Bluetooth Button, another tracking device, announced they have surpassed their $15,000 goal. As of this writing, the company had raised more than $50,000 in funds on Indiegogo. The Button’s claim to fame is that it’s the smallest Bluetooth leash, according to its makers, at the size of a quarter. Supporters can contribute $25 to own one by August.

Another leash (also said to be the size of a quarter, so an additional contender for the Smallest Award) is the iCookie, which ships as a package of two devices for a $40 donation. This one comes in a variety of colors and is said to have a standby battery life of a year. 

The BlueBee device, which is the shape of a mini cassette tape, looks to the Cloud when helping consumers find their stuff. Not only will it help users find their items by ringing when they are close by, but it will also enlist other nearby BlueBee users to help them. A $25 contribution will snag one BlueBee and a one-year subscription to the Cloud service. The service will cost $15 a year thereafter.