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The Cordless Phone Made Me Deaf

This is hilarious. Doing some research on DECT phone safety for an upcoming story I stumbled across this from the Consumer Products Safety Commission:

Currently most cordless telephones are designed so that the ring or page signal comes through the ear-phone of the unit. From the information provided in the complaints it is clear that the users were not expecting their telephone to ring and had placed it against or near their ear without placing the phone in the talk position. In at least one case the user was preparing to place a call when the phone rang unexpectedly. Some users have encountered unexpected ringing of the cordless telephone while they were first learning to use it or while the telephone was being used by someone otherwise unfamiliar with its operation.

 Apologies to those whose friends or loved ones lost their hearing due to the unexpected, deafening ring of a cordless phone, but what on Earth did they think the phone was going to do? And is this something the government needs to spend resources on, warning people that their telephones ring?