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Charging Frustrations Continue Until Standard Is Met

Duracell has conducted a study showing that parents are more likely to be frustrated by charging cables than non-parenting adults. This really isn’t too surprising considering that many of these parents are probably paying extra for their kids’ phones and chargers.

Last year the CTIA put forth the voluntary Universal Charging Standard, selecting MicroUSB as the standard, and 17 mobile companies made the same commitment during Mobile World Congress. (Of course, Apple has its 30-pin connector that isn’t likely going anywhere.) While the 17 carriers gave themselves until 2012 to have all phones up to code, accessories manufacturers long ago leaped on the challenge to combat wire nests with wireless charging mats and solar chargers.

On a personal front, I’m all for the standard as I’m the current owner of a Samsung Glyde that is compatible with nothing. The convenient charging stations that Jet Blue has in their West Palm Beach, Fla., terminal were useless to me while I waited out a delay last month — frustrating to say the least since my two-year-old phone has reached the point of requiring two full charges a day. According to Duracell’s survey, I’m in good company as 65 percent of parents have keeping their phones charged as part of their daily to-do list.

Mobile retailers already sell cellphone bundles with other cellphones and accessories, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see wireless charging mats added to the mix, especially once the standard takes hold.