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Chaining Your iPod

Master Lock has introduced an unconventional iPod case — one that I’ve never seen before. The iCage comes with a combination lock attached to a flexible cable, so you can secure it to, say, your dorm room desk without worrying about it being stolen.

However, the company says that it’s fully operational when it’s in the skin, so you’re out of luck if you’re mugged. Has anyone come out with an iPod lock that lets only the owner operate the device? If not, I’m sure it will be here soon.

My three-year-old iPod (the 60GB Photo) is still fully operational, albeit with a truncated battery life. I have to admit that I wouldn’t be overly devastated if it was to go missing and I had an excuse to get a new one.

I’d like to avoid a mugging, though, if anyone is reading this.