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CES: 4K Sets Will Be More Popular Than You Think

The day before International CES begins, traditionally called “Press Day” but seems to me to be like a speed dating marathon between media and exhibitors.

This year is no different and one of the things you will be reading and hearing about later today and during the show is 4K or Ultra HD TVs.

While 4K sets are not going to dominate the show the way HDTV used to five years ago, they will garner plenty of media attention.

The 60-inch plus sets in this format are exorbitantly priced and should remain so for a while. But some will say, in this economy how can you shell out thousands of dollars for a giant screen TV, or, get financing for it? Will there be a market?

There is a market and it will get bigger this year.

Barring an economic turnaround, you may ask how?

My answer: sports. Mostly the National Football League but include Major League Baseball and other sports.

I am not as big a fan of sports as I used to be, and I am more of a baseball fan than any other sport, but I will just report what I have heard on sports radio and in the press.

The NFL, with its Thursday Night Football schedule in 2012 that makes sports networks more important than paying fans, terribly high season tickets, seat licenses, late and cold night games in the north, fans who imbibed too much in the parking lot and get into fights, $8 beers and $10 hot dogs… well, you get the idea.

It’s cheaper to buy a 60-inch or bigger set for your house than buying season tickets. You see more, you’re warmer, the food and drink is cheaper and you don’t have to drive to the stadium. Plus when games aren’t on you can watch movies.

It is the same with Major League Baseball, NCAA Football and Basketball, the National Basketball Association and the NHL – if hockey ever comes back.

Spending several thousand dollars, even close to $10,000 for a new 4K, is a bargain.

Let’s hope the industry doesn’t remove all of the profitability of these new gigantic sets right away.

Have a great CES!