CEDIA Expo Opens With Surprising Introductions

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Media Day at CEDIA Expo was awash in product introductions and pronouncements from several major CE manufacturers on Wednesday.

LG Electronics’ Allan Jason with the LG BD 300 network Blu-ray player which can also provide Netflix downloads.

Blu-ray, in several varieties of players, from LG’s Blu-ray deck with Netflix streaming capability, to an entirely new line of Toshiba HDTVs, to talk of tru2way technology from Panasonic, and a Sony Bravia LCD TV which is as thick (or as thin) as a CD jewel case.

Here are but a few of the executives who discussed new technologies here, as well as some of the products:

Panasonic senior VP, Panasonic display products, Bob Perry discusses the HDTV market during his company’s press briefing and said the company would unveil tru2way products at retail market for the fourth quarter.

Toshiba’s Maria Repole her company’s aggressive marketing plans for the fourth quarter and beyond,

Scott Ramirez of Toshiba, in shades and dressed for change, discussing his company’s decision to introduce a brand-new HDTV lineup, the second time this year.

Rick Elliott, senior director of Panasonic’s Communications Solutions Group, discussed the company’s efforts in home networking.

Richard Green, president/CEO of CableLabs, who discussed tru2way technology at the Panasonic press event, with Paul Liao, chief technology officer, of Panasonic.

Randy Waynick, senior VP of Sony’s home products division, introduces his company’s diversified CEDIA Expo product lineup.

Sony Bravia KLV-40ZX1M LCD monitor features a slim design measuring just 9.9mm, or about the thickness of a CD jewel case.


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