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CE Videos All Over The Web

Video on the Web is all the rage, even some that directly covers the CE business.

I had the good fortune in March to cover the taping of an episode of “CEO Exchange,” a business interview show broadcast by PBS that is hosted by Jeff Greenfield. His guests were Sir Howard Stringer of Sony and Brad Anderson of Best Buy. While I did a story on the show in March, if you want to see what they said in their own words, there are video clips and a podcast of the show here.

The episode began airing on local PBS stations recently and WTTW of Chicago, which produces the show, said it will be available on the air until July.

If you check out some of the other shows on that page you will see some familiar names and faces: Paul Otellini of Intel, Gary D. Forsee of Sprint Nextel, General Electric’s Jeff Immelt and Terry Semel of Yahoo.

Also back in March we also covered the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Washington Forum where the Digital Patriot awards were also presented. CEA has begun to put videos on its Web site. To see more about the Washington Forum visit CEA here.

And CEDIA members were highlighted on the cable show Designing Spaces which appeared on the We and TLC networks late last month. To watch the CEDIA segment online called “Empowering Resources for Home Integration” click here. And scroll down to the CEDIA logo and select “click and watch.” CEDIA said additional coverage is expected on cable affiliates for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PAX and UPN soon. The segment is part of a 30-minute program highlighting the expertise of CEDIA Certified electronic systems contractors and the value of working with CEDIA members for professionally designed and installed home electronic systems.

And in a shameless plug for TWICE, visit TWICE Spotlight for our own humble productions and scroll down to the Hot Ice box on our home page to catch videos you may have missed that we did with Steve Nelson during International CES.