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CE Ads From The Past

Fox News put together a slide show featuring old-time ads and in the mix were several CE related blasts from the past. Some are funny, some are in poor taste and some are just bizarre.

While I personally find it hard to believe there was ever a time that having the BeeGees as a product spokesgroup was a good idea, the good folks at Ampex evidently thought differently.

This is an ad for a Datacomp 404 time-sharing terminal, circa 1969. I couldn’t find out much about it online, but I am pretty sure it did not come with its own Elizabeth Montgomery lookalike for an operator.

Western Electric Picture Phone, first introduced in 1956. By the mid-1960s it reached this level of development. I suppose the designers were encouraged to keep upgrading this gizmo by how well the Jetson’s video phones worked on TV.

This tiny record player by Ohio Art looks like is uses a MiniDisc. If the game company had pursued this product line, we might all have been carrying ArtPods.

To view the entire list of old ad posters click here. I am particularly shocked at the Blatz beer ad that noted how the beer’s hops act as an appetizing, stimulating tonic for newborns. Granted, I never tried that with my kids, but I do know beer has that effect on me.