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Carly Fiorina’s Second Act

The CE industry second-most widely recognized (former) CEOs is working for the John McCain campaign and the GOP as the victory chair of the Republican National Committee. She’s also rumored to be on the list of possible VP picks, although that’s considered a long shot.

Nevertheless, if Fiorina gets a VP nod and if McCain beats the odds and wins the Oval Office, that would, if I am not mistaken, make her the most powerful CE industry vet in the United States (in terms of political power, at least; Bill Gates is clearly pretty powerful). Would a McCain/Fiorina presidency usher in a golden era of CE friendly legislation? Is the RIAA quivering? Would Gary Shapiro have a hotline to the Oval Office?

I’ve seen Fiorina speak on several occasions, and she certainly has the public-speaking chops to handle the gig. However, convincing a ballroom full of tech geeks that your new photo printer is worth dropping $200 on is a bit different than convincing the American public that, say, occupying Iraq for 100 years is a good investment.