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CallVantage Kaput?

Could AT&T’s CallVantage VoIP service be shutting down?

Consider: Russell Shaw reads Investor’s Business Daily and surmises, based on comments from AT&T executives, that the company is positioning its U-Verse product to supplant CallVantage. Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s group president, regional telecommunications and entertainment, is quoted as saying that Callvantage has “limitations” that its other service does not. 

Shaw also notes that AT&T has not been aggressively marketing CallVantage since the SBC merger. That’s certainly been my impression as well. They kicked the service off with ads during the Olympics, but since the SBC merger … not much. 

Consider II: 8×8 announced that it would have exclusive access to market its services to some 12,000 customers of a VoIP service that was going under in the next three months. They would not say which firm was going under, however. 

These tea leaves could certainly be read differently. We’ll just have to wait and see.