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The CallVantage Death Watch

Tom Keating speculates that AT&T is pulling the plug on its CallVantage VoIP service:

Just got this email stating that as of July 7th, AT&T will no longer offer CallVantage through their affiliate channel. To me, this is “codeword” for “we’re no longer promoting CallVantage and expect AT&T to end CallVantage entirely in the near future.” I’ve read about many affiliate programs that when they’re ended, it’s the end of the road for that product.

Rumors of CallVantage’s demise have been greatly exaggerated in the past. Yet the CallVantage death watch has legs in part, I think, because AT&T launched the service with such fanfare only to go quiet rather abruptly. If they’re not shuttering the service, they sure haven’t gone out of their way to reassure people they’re committed to it. Just the opposite.

We have asked AT&T in the past for comment on the service and have done so again. We’ll see what they have to say.