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Callpod Sues Target

Callpod, a CE accessory manufacturer, announced yesterday it has filed a lawsuit against Target, alleging “that Target’s ‘6-in-1 device charger’ sold by Target infringes Callpod’s intellectual property rights.”

The suit, according to a release, was filed in the Northern District of Illinois. Callpod said it is seeking a temporary restraining order to stop Target from selling and offering for sale the 6-in-1 device charger.

“Intellectual property is of paramount importance to Callpod and we will vigorously defend our rights against infringers,” said Darren Guccione, Callpod CEO, in the release.

Gizmodo features a picture of the device in question, and Callpod has photos of its Chargepod on its Web site. You can be the judge.  

Anne Rodgers, a spokeswoman for Target, said the company could not comment on pending litigation. A call to Callpod was not returned as of this posting.