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Bizzare Twist in Petters Case

An ex-con attempted to intercede on Petters’ behalf to make his case “go away” for a cool $250,000:

“The man, Derrick Lee Riddle, 37, of Minneapolis, told the lawyer that if he paid, he could “beat the case and put a judge in his pocket,” according to a complaint filed by Hennepin County prosecutors in state district court.

Instead, Petters’ attorney, Jon Hopeman, called the FBI. In a subsequent meeting between Hopeman and Riddle videotaped by federal agents, Riddle allegedly passed the lawyer a note assuring him “he had connections and associations with people who could influence judges and prosecutors” to make the charges against Petters “go away.”

The way this case is unfolding, we’re going to have to half to rename this space the “Petters Notebook.”