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Big Apple’s Apple

As a native New Yorker and someone who has covered the CE industry for more than a few years, I don’t know if I am appalled or bemused about a story that appeared in Monday’s Philadelphia Inquirer and was picked up today by CNN: The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and East 58th Street is one of the five most-photographed landmarks in the Big Apple.

And, according to the item CNN ran this morning, it is the 28th most-photographed landmark in the world.

Here are New York City’s five most-photographed landmarks, according to the story:

1. Empire State Building

2. Times Square

3. Rockefeller Center

4. Grand Central Station

5. Fifth Avenue Apple Store

Where’s the Chrysler Building? The Brooklyn Bridge? How about the Statue of Liberty? You know, the main branch of The New York  Public Library down a few blocks on Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street can’t be in the top five. Its content is sooooo analog. And let’s not mention the New York Stock Exchange after the unpleasantness of the past two years, shall we?

The Fifth Avenue Apple Store has become the definition of a destination store.

While every store can’t be located on Fifth Avenue and have distinctive architecture and store layout (not to mention “must have” products), the lesson that store provides is that your stores must be distinctive and unique in certain ways to draw store traffic.

And it wouldn’t hurt if you had good selection, a well-trained staff and pretty good prices too.