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Bicycle Racks And CE Retailing

Nobody is going to carry home a 40-inch LCD on their bicycle, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put out a small bike rack in front of a store that might attract bike riders. They aren’t hard to find. Give a call. After all, CE stores sell more than enough small stuff that can be taken home in a backpack.

I discovered a need for bicycle parking the other day. 

I live about a half mile from my local supermarket, so the other day I decided to ride my bike to the store to pick up a few things. I know the gas savings were minimal, but it made me feel like I was doing something. Plus, I get to drive by a gas station that’s pumping regular at $4.39, which was pleasant. I’ll add that my wife thinks I’m nuts and that I will get killed crossing one particularly busy street, but that is another story.

However, when I arrived at the store there was nothing to lock my bike to. I didn’t expect a bike rack, but I figured there would be a post or something I could use. I ended up chaining my bike to the structure used to hold the shopping carts. It worked, but it was a pain.

Installing bike racks where it makes sense sends a message to your shoppers that you are concerned about high gas prices and the environment. It might also give your employees the idea to bike to work if they live close enough. Maybe there is some kind of promotion for bike-riding customers?