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Au Revoir, Bill… And XP

Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft is tomorrow. With the extensive amount of coverage already available (here, here and here, for instance) it would be redundant at best for TWICE to attempt to write a sweeping retrospective feature on Gates’ career, and, more importantly, to try to describe the magnitude of his effect on the industry within the confines of a single article. Plus, to be frank, nobody already knows this better than our audience. (And, I’m sure nobody is more grateful for his contributions than our audience). 

So, dear reader, it seemed the most reasonable way to tip our hats to this larger-than-life figure would be to provide you once more with a simple clip from his final International CES keynote

Bill, you will be missed. 

P.S. Just as Bill Gates prepares to step down, another prominent Microsoft figure — the company’s Windows XP software — is also winding down its career. today reminded readers that the company will stop selling copies of its operating system to retailers and most computer manufacturers on Monday.