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Are You Ready For The Smart Bra?

Wearable technology will be one of the nascent categories that will get a whole bunch of attention at the coming International CES in January. Digital health and fitness products are another. So are you ready for the smart bra?

Heapsylon, a tech start-up out of Redmond, Wash., has plans to launch a line of Sensoria fitness monitor apparel after a successful crowdfunding campaign. The company’s first three products are a t-shirt, sweat socks and, yes, a sports bra, with built-in sensors to measure biometric data and push it to popular smartphone and tablet fitness apps.

The smart clothes are Bluetooth Smart-ready, so they will work with any Android smartphones or tablet with a dual-mode Bluetooth v4.0 chip running the latest version of the Android OS.

The company has released a developer’s kit for $999 with the hopes of a universe of apps available once products start to ship in Q1 2014. The technology is already compatible with fitness monitoring devices from Polar and Garmin.

The apparel is washable and can track such health data as heart rate, breath rate, calories burned, breathing rate, distance walked/ran, and even electrocardiogram (ECG) signals. Sensoria wearables also track how much sleep a user gets and can gauge how restful the sleep is based on certain indicators.

The company has signed a pact with device manufacturer Flextronics with, undoubtedly, more alliances to follow.

Can the smart thong be far behind?