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Apples and Obamas

President Obama is Making a Huge Mistake.

No, I’m not talking about healthcare reform or Afghanistan. The president should have given Steve Jobs over at Apple a call and arranged to have Apple’s latest product, the iSlate, iTablet or iWhatever, announced during tonight’s State of the Union Address.

Apple will announce its newest device at a press conference this afternoon, while President Obama will take the stage this evening.

And right now I am willing to make a decent-size wager on which event will garner more press coverage. If the past six months are any example, Apple wins this bet hands-down. Every news organization, blogger and wannabe techy has put forth his or her opinion on Apple’s next move. And this has reached a crescendo today. Just take a look at Fox News, or CNN or CNET or MarketWatch or every other news outlet in America.

Each has an opinion and there is nary a negative comment to be found.

Can President Obama say the same thing? No.