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Apple – Never Rest On Your Reputation

TWICE’s very unscientific poll conducted this week concerning Apple’s attempt to fix the iPhone 4’s antenna issue turned out in favor of Apple, but just barely.

By a 54 percent to 47 percent margin, TWICE readers felt Apple’s free Bumper was a good response to the problem.

TWICE would love any additional input from its readers on the issue. Just leave your thoughts on this blog, and it may get picked to appear in the next issue of TWICE.

For my part, I think the tepid response to the fix is due to how Apple’s average customer views the company.

I believe the word is “adoration.”

When a shopper buys this far into a company and its products, it expects more.

If you buy a hot dog from a cart on the street and it stinks, one does not normally get overly offended. After all, not much was probably expected from the meal.

However, when one camps overnight outside an Apple Store to be one of the first to buy the latest iPhone, the bar is set much higher. And when there is a problem, the customer expects Apple to go over the top in response in order to make up for the peccadillo.

That did not happen. Instead, Apple’s first response was to blamed AT&T, then claim there was nothing really wrong, and then to admit guilt and offer a fix.

I suppose the lesson for Apple and other vendors is to never rest on your reputation.